AVAsport Acro

„The new AVA Sport freestyle & acro harness: Acro «Formula 1»

Regardless if you are a professional acro pilot and participate in acro competitions or if you are just flying for fun and want to have extra safety: The AVA Sport Acro harness is your choice !

Some changes have been made to the harness and there is a *new design* for season 2007.

Since 2003 AVA Sport is working together with the «against the grain» acro team.

Bernd and Alex are competing in all the acro championships, do a lot of debagging from tandem paragliders, balloons and helicopters. The two acro pilots help AVA Sport to develop and improvе the equipment (Acro harness and D-Bag) all the time. Some of the features are being adopted for the other harnesses aswell.
This way the cutomer can be sure to have top quality equipment that works !


AVA Sport Acro F1:

— Extremely comfortable, practical and simple
— Best quality materials for rough use
— Easy rescue release system for every situation
— 2 rescues (side by side)
— 12cm protector

AVA Sport Acro F1 customized:

Get into contact with the *against the grain* acro team to discuss about the harness features you would like to have: http://bissl.org/acro

— Custom colours
— Name stitched into te harness
— 2 rescues (*side by side* or *one after another*)
— Extra back protection in the seat shell
— *12cm* protector or *17cm* protector
— Smoke bomb release system
— Customized harness geometry”

Дополнительная информация

  • Цена в Евро:
    € 420

  • Доступные цвета:

  • Доступные размеры:

    Размер Рост пилота (мин) Рост пилота (мaкс) Размер сидения (длина/ширина)
    М 165 см 36/31
    L 165 см 180 см 36/31
    XL 180 см 190 см 36/31
    XXL 190 см 36/31